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The Boudie Bank


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The Boudie Bank

WHAT IS OUR Boudie Bank?


One of the many things we strive for with our boudoir sessions is always improving, having new and exciting things to offer our girls, and doing so in a way that benefits you through and through! After all, what is a luxury experience without incredible service, products, and options?!

With those thoughts in mind, I put together an amazing pre-payment plan : The Boudie Bank!

With our sessions, you have the option of selecting and purchasing your Collection of choice at your photo reveal (immediately after your session!), or doing pre-payment plans. We also offer the use of PayPal Credit (which can be used before or after your photo reveal).

With our Boudie Bank, you will actually select and pay for your Collection BEFORE your session. Worried you will select one that has less images than the amount you end up loving? You can always upgrade at your photo reveal! Although I promise you that you can’t go wrong in pre-selecting a Collection with more images in it from the get-go since you will absolutely love so many (if not all) of them! The Bonuses get better and better as you go up in Collections!


Perk #1: By pre-paying, we can split up your Collection into small monthly payments! It’s your way of assuring you get the package you want! 

Perk #2: I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be getting something anyway, I’d rather get that thing AND freebies! That’s exactly what our BONUSES are all about! Each Collection has tiers of Bonuses that you can choose from. For example, our insanely adorable Personal Peep Show!
Some other perks throughout the different tiers include: Professional headshots while you’re all dolled up at your session, a 40-image Smart Phone App, or even Personal Virtual Shopping Assistant (me!)! The options for the Bonuses are truly amazing, and you’ll find so many things you want to either get as a product in addition to your Collection, or to use during your session! 


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