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Tell me the meaning behind these Boudoir photographs? Tell me the most important thing? There is a lot of misinformation in Boudoir Photography. Boudoir suits everyone! No one defines us. You won’t lose your sexy at any time, regardless of age.  You don’t have to be a model or in shape. You don’t even have to have experience with being photographed!

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What is Boudoir?

What is Boudoir Photography? It’s about women’s empowerment and embracing your inner and outer beauty. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy. l give you posing directions and help with wardrobe. The session is about YOU, and I make sure that it is an enjoyable, empowering experience. Trust me- once you see the results, you’ll be hooked! Boudoir is for all body types!

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How do boudoir photography sessions influence you? When my clients arrive they may have some nerves and anxiousness related to being photographed in their underwear. But by the end of the shoot, they are confident queens! Despite being different for every individual and interpreting their own experiences differently, many people say they have a very similar experience after their boudoir shoot. Clients leave feeling like they can take on the world and embrace their female forms – imperfections such as stretched marks in their body and insecurity disappear. In most cases, these goddesses feel a sense of awareness and affection for themselves and their bodies.

From natural beauty to full Hollywood glam sex appeal, your boudoir shoot is going to be the most fun, self love boosting, amazing boudoir experience!

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Are boudoir photos worth it?

Creating beautiful images in boudoirs is an excellent method for highlighting yourself as vivacious as you are. During work or at home life is sometimes quite easy to forget our worth. We let everyone’s needs come before your own. We take time to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier but often we don’t do the same for ourselves. As women, we need to remember how powerful and significant we are! We should all celebrate our femininity and feel beautiful in our own skin. Life is too short not to document and remember how stunning each of us women can be.

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How will I display my images?

We provide a variety of beautiful heirloom products to display your portraits. A stunning album, vibrant wall artwork, folio print boxes, and apps for mobiles and tablet phones. Digital images are included in various collections and are offered at a la carte. Our luxurious Luxe Albums have been handcrafted in Portugal to make an elegant souvenir for all your pictures. Wall art can be made in Canvas wrap, Metal prints, and acrylic diamond blocks.

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How much does boudoir makeup cost?

Your professional boudoir experience includes hair and makeup by one of our professional hair and makeup artist partners. The hair and makeup services are provided at our studio prior to your session. We want you to arrive feeling pampered, relaxed, and gorgeous! All you have to do the morning of your shoot is roll out of bed and show up! We will discuss the hair and makeup style you are looking for during your pre-session consultation.

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Can I do my own hair/makeup?

Professional hair and makeup are included at every Boudoir session. Our hair and makeup artists are going to take inspiration from your outfits and any inspiration you bring along to determine what style you are looking for. The artist is professionally trained to do photography makeup which is very different from your day-to-day makeup.  We want to make sure you look and feel sexy for your unique experience.

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Bringing guests

We understand you may have some anxiety about coming to your photoshoot alone so we allow one guest 18+ only, who you are certain will be your hype person for your sessions. Make sure you feel comfortable with your hype person and confident they will be positive and encouraging the entire time. In the past, I’ve had to ask guests to leave because they were not being the support person my client needed. If your guest is not uplifting you or in any way negative about the experience, I will ask them to leave or wait in the car.

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Our philosophy with photo retouching is to enhance what’s already there. Not changing your entire body and look. I first brush a slight softening over your skin to slightly reduce pores and even out any redness. Sometimes some garments can cause some pinching and bulging, which I then slightly even out the shape, but in the end, it is my goal that you still look like YOU.

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Nudity is completely at your own discretion. All of our boudoir sessions are custom-made to meet our clients’ desires without any pressure. Our clients can opt to have a ‘Satin Sheet Set’, implied when you have a strategic cover. We also offer a ‘Lace Robe Set’, where you will be photographed in a beautiful robe with some strategic posing to keep things tasteful. If you would like to do something more risqué, we can do that too! We want you to feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin.

don't be nervous. you own this moment.


We are happy for everyone who uses this website for their business. All of your pictures are never used without our express written permission. Your privacy is our top priority.

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What if I’m not photogenic?

I have great news for you, EVERYONE is photogenic! I am an expert in posing and lighting and will make sure you look your best. I have photographed women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages. Trust me when I say I know how to make you look amazing!

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Do you provide Lingerie?

Most customers bring their own lingerie or outfits from home. However, we offer a variety of lingerie, gowns and pretty robes for you to wear, along with socks, stockings, jewelry and shoes. If you choose to wear your own clothing, we ask that you bring 3-5 outfits to your session for us to choose from.

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Where do we shoot?

We currently rent a studio in the Plant City area and are also offering in-home and on-location outdoor sessions as well!

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We love your questions!

I can’t wait to chat with you about your boudoir photography session and answer all of your questions. We’re going to create some gorgeous photos!

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Stephanie Corrine is a professional boudoir photographer in the Tampa, Florida area. Reach out for a free consultation on our website, because every woman deserves to feel sexy and to embrace the confidence of feeling absolutely loved by themselves.

Tampa Boudoir for the everyday woman!

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