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believe there is power in a boudoir photography experience that holds the unique ability to transform women's lives. When you see yourself through my lens, it is my hope that you realize your undeniable worth.

Women's Portraiture located in Lakeland, Florida!


In my opinion, photos should communicate how someone feels, not just how they look. Our goal is to show you just how beautiful we see you, and how beautiful the entire world sees you. Although the thought of doing a boudoir photography session may scare you, our all-female staff will guide you step-by-step.

XOXO, Stephanie
Lakeland Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I'm Stephanie Corrine!

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Empowering women in the Lakeland areas and beyond

For those interested in shooting a boudoir photography session with us, we have created a private Facebook group for women only. It's a place where we and our clients can share boudoir portraits, special photography projects, and also a place to have fun together. Come learn more about boudoir photography in a safe and open environment. We are excited to have you with us!

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embrace your inner 

Hello beauty, it's time to let go, discard that list of imperfections and just feel the incredible sensation of freedom when you finally accept who you are in this moment. 

Every woman is deserving of being photographed,
and we think you are gorgeous just the way you are.

Forget about artificial beauty standards and just feel your inner greatness glow through during an all-day experience with us in our luxurious studio.

What are you waiting for? You're worth it. take a moment to appreciate the magnificent woman you are now, because life is short.

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feel beautiful

Corrine Boudoir is a small, women-led business that specializes in intimate boudoir photography and modern glamour photography, located in Lakeland, Florida. Since 2013, Stephanie and her Dream Team have been committed to providing high-quality boudoir photographs that help women feel beautiful in their own skin, along with their down-to-earth nature, allowing even the most camera-shy ladies to come alive in front of the lens. Corrine Boudoir is a boutique portrait studio that serves just a small number of clients each month in order to provide the most luxurious experience possible. We take pleasure in watching our clients rediscover how beautiful they are, and we'd be delighted to photograph you!

Are you intrigued? Perhaps this is something you thought about doing but didn't know where to start or whom to turn to? Corrine Boudoir wants to provide a memorable boudoir photography experience that encourages self-discovery and a newfound appreciation for the female form. We also love our expecting mamas!

I would be honored to be your luxury boudoir photographer!

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I did a boudoir photography shoot before, but it was nothing compared to the shoot with Stephanie!!! It was absolutely amazing!!! She made me feel very comfortable right from the start. Nothing but Amazing!!! Would definitely recommend Stephanie!!!

It definitely boosted my self confidence!!

Brandy R.

Always wanted to have a boudoir session, finally was in the right place at the right time. Y'all made me feel like the center of the world and your excitement over the pictures made me excited over them as well. It was an amazing experience!!!

it was an amazing experience!!!

Kensley J

Stephanie is AMAZING!! I went in nervous thinking I was just going to wreck the whole shoot! She was very clear and precise when explaining everything prior to the shot that I ended up walking in and felt like a pro. She is so helpful and speaks nothing but kind words. Plus my confidence since has been superb! I can't wait to do another one.

I can't wait to do another one!

Mari L.

She is awesome!!! She does amazing photos. Great personality. She will knock your nerves right out of you.. Lol. If you need a confidence boost I totally recommend doing a shoot with her!!! I did I shoot a year ago. It was so much fun and empowering. Then I few weeks ago I went with a friend to her shoot. Just being there and being in that environment I left with even more courage and confidence boost that I can do anything.

The beauty of you in boudoir

Courtney M.

I don't even know where to start lol... That's how amazing my experience was with Stephanie, she's so spontaneous, fun, sooooo down to earth n her personality is gold plus she hypes you up like no other... she made me feel so beautiful, confident, sexy in my own skin... I am definitely going back and I recommend her 100%.. she's so easy to talk to n assists you completely if you're in doubt about anything.

I didn't  believe I could look so beautiful, now I know i am!

Mary W.

Had my session today! Stephanie was amazing. I went in very nervous and she settled my nerves within 5 minutes. It was nice having her constantly reassuring me how nice the pictures looked and how beautiful I was. That made the whole experience easier. she made it easy to have a conversation with I was never treated as just a number and was treated like a friend that I’ve known for years. 100% pleased with the pictures I saw and it was a hard decision to decide on which ones were my favorite!! Thank you so much for making my 1st experience an amazing one and for all the emails giving advice on what to wear and where to purchase these items!!


Clarissa T.

She is absolutely amazing!!!! She is the best photographer I have worked with so far. I was not comfortable in my own skin when I decided to have these photos taken. But let me tell you I felt so comfortable by the end of my shoot!!!! She makes you feel so beautiful, sexy, and powerful In your own skin. She was so professional and was smiling and she made me laugh and I cant tell you enough how amazing she is. I cant wait to be able to have more photos done by her! She makes it so easy! If you have ever been scared or uncomfortable doing something like this take the leap and use Stephanie! You will never regret your choice I promise!!!! Love her!!!

I can't wait to do another one!

Amber D.

I’ve taken boudoir pictures in the past, but I’ve never felt as confident as Stephanie and her team made me feel! It was so much fun and I felt so beautiful! I was super nervous when I got there but they eased my nerves, did their magic, and I have some amazing pictures that I’m not embarrassed to look at or show my husband and friends! I can’t wait to do it again!!

This isn’t just pictures – it’s an empowering experience.

Crystal S.

Stephanie was great to work with and made this process easy, quick responses and very helpful. While taking pictures she made it playful and light. The pictures came out phenomenal as well! Definitely recommending her to all my friends.

Empowering Women through boudoir

Meghan L.

I had my first ever Boudoir Photoshoot with her and I fell in love with myself! I never had much confidence but the way I looked in these photos! Ugh I loveeeeeed it! I never thought I looked that beautiful until I did my shoot with her! Best decision I have ever made! The whole team is amazing down from the hair and makeup to the photographer! They make you feel amazing and like you are on top of the world Killing it ❤️ Highly recommend!!!

deridder Boudoir Photography

Ciara V.

Ladies.. I recommend you all do this at least once!! This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!! I was mite than impressed with the way the “Dream Team” made me look and feel! Not only did I have a blast but also feel as if I made 3 new amazing friends who I will definitely be working with again in the future. Just try it and I guarantee you will not leave disappointed!! You will leave with a whole new feeling of confidence you didn’t even realize you had inside you! I left feeling as if I could conquer the world!! Thanks again ladies( new friends lol) for everything!!

Empowering Women through boudoir

Sarah M.

*SESSION REVIEW* If you’ve been on the fence about scheduling a boudoir session I would definitely recommend doing one! Awkward is practically my middle name but Stephanie was very laid back and fun to work with. She gave clear and precise directions to help with posing (have I mentioned I’m awkward-imagine a muppet in lingerie!) so that the experience was fun and easy! She was very encouraging and just has a relaxing presence all around. Ms Nik transformed my usual just-rolled-out-of-bed look into a hot mama look! She also has a really soft touch which made getting my makeup done a special treat. Krysten was able to dress up my short pixie into a fun style that still felt like “me”. I have BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder) so this is something that could have really caused a lot of anxiety, but the atmosphere was relaxing and fun, and I’m still a bit in shock over seeing the images. Stephanie has a gift for capturing beauty. I typically have a hard time looking at photos of myself, even looking in a mirror can be distressing, but Stephanie was able to show me myself without the filter of BDD and it was very uplifting.

Lynae J.

Stephanie is a personal friend which I suppose could make me biased however, when it comes to photography and portraits of myself in particular- I always find something I hate in the picture. I'm like "why does my face look so weird or is that arm fat squishing out from under my shoulder?" But I seriously couldn't find one picture she took of me (even before editing) where I didn't think to myself "Damn I look amazing." She is not only an extremely talented and professional photographer but she is also an amazing human being. Even if you aren't a personal friend of Stephanie, you will leave her studio feeling as if you are. Highly recommend and worth every penny.

Boudoir for EVery woman

Christine G.

I was so nervous going into my photoshoot but, it only took a few minutes to feel comfortable. Stephanie made it feel like I was with my friend not just a photographer. Her work is amazing! I looked and felt like a model.

Boudoir for EVery woman

Lety C.

Boudoir Photography has opened up the doors to experiencing a powerful and beautiful boost in self love, confidence and worth for so many women, just like you.
XOXO, your Lakeland Boudoir Photographer, Stephanie Corrine


Now, it’s your turn. Go on, treat yourself to a boudoir photography session that will emphasize your strength and beauty.  Simply reach out to me using the contact form below, and let's chat about your boudoir photography session!

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