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As a boudoir photographer in Lakeland, Florida, one of the most important aspects of my work is ensuring my clients feel confident and beautiful during their photoshoots.

This is where Jessica Cuthbertson, Lakeland Hair and Makeup Artist, at Luminous Beauty Studio come in. I can’t express enough how amazing Jessica is, not only as a hair and makeup artist but also as a person. Her warmth and friendliness are unmatched, and she has a way of immediately putting anyone at ease. In this blog post, I want to sing the praises of Jessica and share all that Luminous Beauty Studio has to offer.

First and foremost, Jessica is a skilled and talented hair and makeup artist.

She has an eye for detail and designs looks that are tailored to each individual’s preferences and personality. Her makeup skills range from natural and subtle to bold and glamorous. Her hair styles are just as varied, from classic updos to trendy braids. Jessica’s clients always leave feeling confident and stunning.

But Jessica’s services go beyond hair and makeup.

At Luminous Beauty Studio, she also offers skincare services, from facials to waxing to microdermabrasion. There’s truly nothing better than getting a facial from Jessica. She is a true expert in all things skin, and her treatments leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

In addition to the above services, Jessica also offers makeup classes for individuals or groups. Whether you’re a makeup novice or just looking to learn some new tips and tricks, these classes are perfect for you. Jessica makes learning fun and approachable, and you’ll leave feeling inspired and empowered.

Finally, I have to mention the ambiance of Luminous Beauty Studio.

The studio itself is beautiful and welcoming, and Jessica has created an atmosphere that feels like a true escape from the outside world. From the calming music to the cozy seating area, every detail has been thoughtfully curated to make clients feel pampered and relaxed.

If you’re in Lakeland or the surrounding areas, I highly recommend checking out Luminous Beauty Studio and Jessica. From hair and makeup to skincare and makeup classes, she truly offers it all. And not only is she a talented and skilled beauty professional, but she’s also a wonderful person who will make you feel right at home. So if you’re looking for a Hair and Makeup Artist in Lakeland head to and book your appointment today!

Luminous Beauty Studio: The Ultimate Beauty Destination in Lakeland, FL | Lakeland Hair and Makeup Arist

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