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At Corrine Studios, your trusted Lakeland Boudoir Photographer, our mission is to empower women by helping them embrace their unique beauty. Our most recent client, the delightful Shonda, graciously allowed us to share her transformative boudoir experience.


Shonda, a selfless mother and friend, had long put herself last, attending to the needs of everyone else before her own. It’s a story we hear too often. In April 2022, she chose to take a step towards rediscovering her self-worth and inner diva by booking a session with us.

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The Boudoir Experience

From the first click of the camera, Shonda began to bloom. Contrary to her initial expectations, she felt comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly, truly herself. The camera lens captured not only her physical beauty but her sparkling spirit too.

What stood out for Shonda, was the confidence boost she experienced after seeing her beautiful portraits. “This shoot helped me regain my confidence, my inner diva has surfaced, and I’m loving it! I am so grateful!” she shared.

Our Mission

At Corrine Studios, we believe every woman, every size, every age, every path in life, deserves to feel beautiful and loved. We create a warm, empowering, and inclusive environment for our clients to rediscover their confidence through boudoir photography. Like Shonda, we aim for every woman to leave our studio feeling more confident. More beautiful. And more in love with themselves than ever before.

When we asked her if she’d recommend this experience to her friends she exclaimed “YES!”

We are so proud of Shonda and all other women who have embarked on this journey with us. If you’re ready to rediscover your confidence and see your own beauty, we’re here, and we can’t wait to meet you.

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Rediscovering Confidence Through Boudoir Photography: Shonda’s Boudoir Experience

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