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About Corrine Boudoir

Hello! I’m Stephanie Corrine of Corrine Boudoir. I’ve been photographing and empowering women for seven years and we relocated to Deridder, Louisiana in 2019!

For a few years I photographed primarily weddings and engagements but my heart was always sparked when I got to work with women in creating some beautiful art that made them feel special, beautiful, confident and worthy.

What is boudoir? Boudoir photography is so much more than just sexy photos for your spouse. Its an incredibly empowering experience. Many women, just like you, come to me because they are looking for that boost in confidence, celebrating a new chapter in their lives and ready to set aside their feats and hesitations and finally do something special for themselves!

I’ve photographed hundreds of women all over the world, from our start in Oklahoma, to El Paso, Texas and New Mexico, to Iceland and now here in beautiful Louisiana!

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What’s included?

Professional Hair and Makeup Application

A One Hour Empowering Boudoir Session with Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer, Stephanie Corrine.

SAME DAY Viewing and Ordering directly after shooting! No waiting around for weeks wondering if they turned out or not!

$100 in Collection Credit