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Pregnancy is an incredible experience in your life that is filled with change and excited anticipation. You’re growing an adorable, little person who you’ll love meeting! As a momma of three, I know that I never knew true love until I met my sweet babies. This is such a beautiful time to celebrate your body and how incredible it is! And there are few better (if any) ways to celebrate than with a Maternity Boudoir Photo shoot. Today I am so excited to tell you how to have the best Maternity Photoshoot with your Boudoir Photographer!


First and foremost, I want you to feel comfortable and confident during your Maternity Photoshoot. There are maternity bodysuits and belly-friendly lingerie available. (Let me know if you need help finding those shops!) I’m always a fan of two-piece bra and panty sets, body forming gowns that highlight your precious bump, and for a more casual look, you can always select a comfortable oversized t-shirt or sweater (pair with some cute knee-high socks, and voila!). Bring a suitcase with a variety of options and we will go through them together, I do want you to try on some of them at home and see which ones make you feel most beautiful and confident.


From start to finish my boudoir sessions last about 3 to 4 hours. So bring a bottle of water and a snack, especially if you’re making a long drive to see us. I also want you to think about if there are any special earrings or necklaces you want to be featured in your photoshoot, and of course, you are always welcome to take a look through some of the unique pieces I have in my client wardrobe. Heels are great in photos, but only if you feel stable and confident in them. We often do a few sitting or standing poses with the heels and then kick them off and take some photos without.

How do I take good-looking maternity boudoir pictures while pregnant?

Leave that all up to me! I’ve been photographing women for 9 years and I have plenty of experience in poses that will flatter your figure and your bump perfectly. From your tippy toes to your crown I will show/tell you exactly how to move and pose and where to look and when to smile. Emotion is a key element of a beautiful and dynamic maternity boudoir photo shoot. I will also be utilizing beautiful lighting and my professional gear so you don’t have to worry about a thing! You are going to love these maternity photos!

When is best to schedule my maternity boudoir photo shoot?

A maternity boudoir photoshoot is typically best scheduled between 30-34 weeks of gestation when your bump is big and round, but you’re not quite yet experiencing the last few weeks of fatigue and shortness of breath from your baby jumping and kicking all your internal organs. It’s one of those memories I haven’t forgotten but that 37-41+6 timeframe with my last was the longest decade of my life. Girlfriend was taking permanent residence there! Of course, surprises happen and sometimes your baby comes early! If we are expecting an earlier delivery and we can safely have a maternity boudoir session before a scheduled delivery I will do everything within my power to get you in the studio before then. And if not, we can always celebrate your beautiful body’s accomplishment once you’ve brought the baby home and are recovering.

Should husbands be in maternity boudoir photos?

An intimate maternity boudoir photoshoot with your spouse can help strengthen your bond before your family dynamics change and you add a sweet little person to your family. Spend an hour focusing on and loving on each other and capturing this beautiful time in your lives. Like your solo maternity photos, I will coach each of you into beautiful maternity poses for couples!

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

There are some amazing maternity boudoir ideas for an outdoor maternity photoshoot as well! It doesn’t all have to be in a studio. I am always open to hearing photo shoot ideas that are in new and exciting destinations! If you’d like to have your maternity photoshoot outdoors just let me know! We will definitely make your maternity photos special and unique. Here are some fun and exciting outdoor maternity photoshoot location ideas!

Find a beautiful field

What do you need to find out about maternity photography outdoors? Keep an eye on the wide-area nearby the property — tall grass makes for a striking backdrop. Extra points for outfits that match seasons’ colors and patterns.

Pose against a graffiti wall

City girl looking to celebrate the streets of the city they love? An urban, exciting glamourized maternity photoshoot is the way to go! Add on a cool leather jacket and you’ll be the talk of the town!

Have fun with florals

Florals never grow old with maternity photos. You can always contact your local florist for a fresh floral crown or bouquet to pose with.

Feature your fur babies

As a huge animal lover, I am always happy to incorporate your first babies into your maternity session!

What is the best color to wear for maternity pictures?

This is your time to shine! I want you to wear the colors you love the most and feel beautiful in. Don’t be afraid to go bold with Yellows and Oranges or if that’s not your style you can also do soft muted blush pinks, greys, and blues. I do recommend against small patterns as they create a photography phenomenon called moire. Large Prints are great in moderation. If you’re wearing the print, make sure your spouse is wearing complementary solid colors.

What is included in a boudoir session?

All of my maternity boudoir sessions include hair and makeup for one person, a one hour photo session, access to my studio and client wardrobe, and same day viewing and ordering. No waiting for weeks wondering how they turned out. You’ll know the very same day how beautiful they are!

Have questions about your own maternity photoshoot?

I am always here and ready to answer any questions you may have about your maternity boudoir photo shoot. Simply fill out the contact form to email me your ideas or contact me on social media. I cannot wait to help you celebrate your pregnancy and your baby bump!

How to nail a stunning Maternity Boudoir Photo shoot

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