Before Your Boudoir Session Planning GUide

Hello Beauty! I'm Stephanie!

Welcome to Corrine Boudoir, where you will begin the first step of rediscovering yourself. We all tend to lose track of ourselves once in a while. This is when I come to your rescue. If you have been craving a much-needed confidence boost, you found your man! No matter your age, your profession, or your size, the benefit of this process is growth and discovery. You deserve to feel beautiful, because well, you are.

I've never been one for doing anything halfway. As a girl, I loved to explore the world and always found myself getting into mischievous adventures. It took me years of struggling with my self-image before realizing that every person is beautiful in their own way; it's just about accepting yourself as you are! From exploring new places to trying new things, there was nothing better than feeling free from any expectations or limitations. Becoming a boudoir photographer, I bottled up my self-love journey, and I want to share it with everyone.

I understand the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. But let me tell you how awesome it feels once you find self-acceptance and freedom. A newly found freedom and peace brings such refreshment to our everyday life. I want every woman to feel that liberation from self-doubt. Let me be your guide to your new beginning.

The Boudie Bank

After your session, we will sit down and look at your beautiful photos the very same day! You have the option to set up a Boudie Bank plan now or you can pay in full at your ordering appointment.

 When you pre-purchase your Collection, it allows us to create images during your session with specific products in mind and ensures your greatest satisfaction. It also enables you to unlock the following Bonus options that you can choose for FREE!

Some of which are valued at up to $799! Pre-purchasing is not required, however, if you wish to take advantage of our Payment Plans you must do so prior to your session. We do not offer Payment Plans after your session. If you do not do a Boudie Bank Plan, you will be required to pay in full at your Same Day Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

Take advantage of our PrePayment Plan bonuses!

Bombshell Boudoir Session


This bombshell boudoir experience includes:

Our "getting ready" Guides with tips, tricks and reminders for your boudoir shoot

*our brand new excllusive Confidence guide workbook*

Professional hair and
makeup styling

Access to our beautiful client wardrobe including robes and wings

a fully guided one hour photoshoot in some of our beautiful 10+ sets!


posing and expression guidance throughout entire shoot

same day viewing and ordering

access to our boudie bank payment plans


   Having a boudoir session is a really big deal. If you’re like many of my other clients, I know that you probably toyed with the idea of having a session for some time and that making the decision to go for it caused a few butterflies. I also know that you invest money, time, emotion, and energy into the process from beginning to end. 

  A boudoir album gives you or your partner the opportunity to thumb through all your images — the ones you worked up courage to pose for, and that make you feel incredible every time you look at them — whenever you please. Physical albums also give you an opportunity to include some of the more risqué or exposed images — the ones you
might not want to keep on your computer or online for privacy reasons.

Up to 65 Images in our stunning 12x12 Diamond Album. Your choice of a 2 Image 5x7 Folio or Matching Mini Album. All corresponding Digital Image Files on a Crystal USB. $6000 Print Credit. Add additional images for $50/image. A COMPLIMENTARY 4 DAY/3 NIGHT VACATION TO YOUR CHOICE OF LAS VEGAS, ORLANDO, FL, GALVESTON TX, OR NEW YORK CITY!

The Diamond Collection

Up to 50 Images in a beautiful 10x10 Sparkle Album. Your choice of a 2 Image 5x7 Folio or Matching Mini Album. All corresponding Digital Image Files delivered via Digital Download. $3500 Print Credit. Add additional images for $100/image.

The Pearl Collection

Up to 40 Images in a beautiful 8x8 Luxe Album. All corresponding Digital Image Files delivered via Digital Download. $2500 Print Credit. Add additional images for $100/image.

The Sapphire Collection *Most popular*

The Garnet Collection


Up to 30 Images in a beautiful 8x8 Velvet Album. $1500 Print Credit. Add additional images for $125/image.

Up to 9-20 Images in a beautiful 5x5 Leather Lay flat Book.
Add additional images for $150/image.

The Rose gold Collection

Album Collections

-Items below are NOT eligible to be used with print credit but may be purchased separately:
-Add Acrylic cover, velvet pages, or gilded pages (gold or silver) to luxury album $199/each
-His/Her companion album available only with Garnet and above $399
-Set of 5 Styrene Mounted 5x7 Collection $699

Other Things

All digital images $6999
50 digital images $4999 additional images $100/image
40 digital images $3999 additional images $125/image
30 digital images $2999 additional images $125/image
20 digital images $2499 additional images $175/image
10 digital images $1599 additional images $200/image
9 images or less $300 per image

Digital images a la carte

Items eligible to be used with print credit

-Custom Slideshow with purchased images: $350

-10 Image smart phone app $399. Every 10 additional images $299. (Smart Phone app available with purchased files only)

-Personal Peep Show: $350 | 7 image reel $299

Individual Canvas, Metal or Print
Wall Art Pieces

The portraits created become fabulous artwork that women feel comfortable hanging in their living room or hallway; however, there are more modest options available to those who wish to display their boudoir photos in a way that won’t shock their mother or even a visiting neighbor.

Wall Art

Metal 11x14 $799 | 16x24 $1399 | 20x30 $1799 | 24x36 $2199 | 30x40 $2999

Canvas 11x14 $699 | 16x24 $999 | 20x30 $1599 | 24x36 $1999 | 30x40 $2699

Print 11x14 $399 | 16x24 $699 | 20x30 $1199 | 24x36 $1699 | 30x40 $1999

8x12 and smaller $179/photograph

Why Boudoir?

Ever heard the phrase, “Strive for beauty that can be felt, not just seen”?

I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself.
Taking time for a little R&R will help bring peace and balance into your life,
which ultimately shows through in the images we capture!
When you feel beautiful, it will show through your images in the end. 
When you come into the studio, we'll help you decide which outfits to wear and then we'll get started on your makeover! Our stylists will make your hair and makeup look perfect and compliment the outfits we've chosen!
Whether it's soft curls, sleek and straight, or messy waves, our stylists can create a style just right for YOU.
We have everything from foundation to false lashes in stock so you don't have to worry about a thing! 

You're given this life because you're strong enough to live it.

Planning your boudoir outfits

We recommend bringing wardrobe options that cover all aspects of your personality from girl next door, sultry and sexy or high fashion and glamorous! Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are.

Once you book, I will send a welcome packet with great tips and tricks for prepping for your shoot, including links to some of our favorite designers. 

In addition to these helpful resources we also advise you to make a pinterest board with outfit ideas that you love! From there we can always guide you toward the best designers for outfits that are flattering to your figure and style.

If you have lots of ideas and outfits and you're having trouble narrowing them down then we always recommend you bring a suitcase full of stuff! Yes, I'm not joking. We recommend you bring lots of things when you arrive and we can help you narrow them down once you arrive for your shoot.


     We will go through the outfits you brought when you arrive and help you narrow them down if need be.

In addition, we'll also help you with any wardrobe questions you might have. When you're all settled in we'll get you started with hair and makeup.

Our pro artist will chat with you about the exact look you're wanting. If you want to leave it 100% up to the artist that's also totally fine by us, whatever suits you best.

If you're worried about the potential for us to not get the look you're going for right, let me just tell you there's no need to worry. During the hair/makeup process, our pro artist will ask you how you're  liking things along the way. They'll make sure it's not too dramatic or not too natural depending on the look you're going for.

We can always change things along the way and I promise when we're done you'll love the look!

I'll start off with the simplest pose and coach you on exactly where to look, how to smile, etc. You'll never wonder, "Where should my hand be?", "Does my face look good?, "am I doing this right?" I'll be super clear on exactly what to do and we'll even show you photos along the way so you can be confident in knowing how amazing you look!

We'll take a short break while I lightly retouch your photos and prepare a slideshow for you.
Then you can view them right away!

Sit down, relax, and view your portraits in the comfort of my studio.
We offer a variety of heirloom quality products.
I will be there to answer all of your questions with sample products for you to touch and see. No order minimums, purchase only what you love.
The average client invests $3500 on their photo shoot experience.

Viewing Your Photos