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The second part of planning your boudoir session is deciding how to display the artwork created from an afternoon of pampering and empowerment.

The portraits created become fabulous artwork that women feel comfortable hanging in their living room or hallway; however, there are more modest options available to those who wish to display their boudoir photos in a way that won’t shock their mother or even a visiting neighbor.

As women, we often do things for others. Our boss, our partner, our families, we are often meeting the needs of those around us, sometimes forgetting that’s okay to do something just for ourselves. We lose sight of the value of investing in ourselves, in our self-esteem, in our own sense of power, or even feel guilty when we actually do it.

We have had the luxury of being a Lakeland Boudoir Photographer for years watching clients embrace their bodies and find comfortable ways to display their portraits.

Of course, we love to have fun, and nothing captures the spontaneous adventures of a boudoir session quite like your own personal boudoir viewfinder. We work with you to select the images, the story you wish to tell, on your view-finder discs, and the results are nothing short of awesome!

They make a great gift for you or as an anniversary present or pre-honeymoon gift. However, you choose to display your fantastic portraits; we are so ready to help you create them!

We love the idea of creating a space that becomes a daily reminder of just how stunning and amazing you are, right inside a walk-in closet or dressing area.

 A gorgeous canvas created from one of your favorite boudoir portraits is a fabulous way to be discreetly bold. Carefully hang several portraits from the sequence, or one large, commanding canvas, it becomes a small exhibition of your own exquisiteness.

Splashing out with metal wall art hung in your master or private bathroom is a fun way to start your day with an inspired display of beauty and personal power. As one of the best boudoir photographers in Central Florida, we are skilled at working closely with clients, so they feel comfortable for them to explore their own boundaries and push them to create the portraits they have dreamed of.

The next step is elevating that moment into artwork, which continues to inspire them. Metal prints have pop and a contemporary vibe, which makes for a fun, personalized décor.

Neatly tucked away into a bedside table is your boost of confidence. Carefully laid out inside of luxury Velvet or Hornback Leather, is a professionally produced album of your boudoir session. Another option is a tasteful velvet album, professionally designed and produced; these albums are heirlooms that you, or someone in your life, can enjoy for years to come.

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Discreetly Bold Ways to Display Your Boudoir Portraits | Central Florida Boudoir

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