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What kind of music do you listen to when you want to feel sexy? I know we all have a go-to song that makes us feel like the hottest woman in the world. But what about during your boudoir session? Music can be used for so many things: mood setter, dancer, and even meditation. What […]

Your Boudoir Session Playlist | Music to evoke emotion | Corrine Boudoir

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Andrea was ready to step out of her comfort zone and embrace the beautiful woman she is! She wanted to experience the confidence boost so many women feel after their boudoir sessions. I am so thankful she left us her experience in her own words in this boudoir testimonial! This was her first experience with […]

Boudoir Testimonial | Andrea | Corrine Boudoir

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love yourself through boudoir photography in louisiana
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Boudoir is an art form that combines the sensuality of nudity with a sense of elegance and style. A boudoir session is used as a creative outlet, to empower oneself through self-expression, for personal enjoyment, or for a spouse. It provides imagery that may have different meanings depending on how they’re presented. Some will show […]

What is Boudoir?

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Beautiful Boudoir Babe
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T was ready to do something special just for herself! Being a mom of a preemie, a NICU nurse, and handling all the parenting through a pandemic definitely takes its toll on our bodies, mind, and spirit! I asked her a few questions and she was willing to share with us her experience! It can […]

Miss T’s Boudoir Session | Louisiana Boudoir Photographer, Corrine Boudoir

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If you’ve been here while you know I love building our client wardrobe. If you’re new here, well hello! I’m Stephanie and I’m addicted to anything that sparkles and glitters. I originally purchased the Navy Blue cape when we lived in El Paso, where we could travel to Cloudcroft in the winter for snow. Shortly […]

Louisiana Snowstorm of February 2021!

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As a small business owner myself, I love any time I have the chance to support our local economy! So I’ve compiled this list of all the local Lingerie Stores in Louisiana I could find! This is a growing and evolving list so if you know of one I’ve not found yet please leave a […]

Shop Local | Lingerie Stores in Louisiana

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Gosh, time flies. The year 2020 is over, and 2021 is here. Another year has come and gone! For those of you who have been here since last year, I really appreciate your support! It’s the time of the year again for some much-needed reflection and introspection to set the right tone for the new […]

2021 Has Arrived

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The second part of planning your boudoir session is deciding how to display the artwork created from an afternoon of pampering and empowerment. The portraits created become fabulous artwork that women feel comfortable hanging in their living room or hallway; however, there are more modest options available to those who wish to display their boudoir […]

Discreetly Bold Ways to Display Your Boudoir Portraits | Louisiana Boudoir


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What if we could prove to you that that little voice inside your head that whispers all those nagging insecurities is a bold-faced-liar? Well, we can. Guiding women through mastering their curves and revealing their inner vixen is exactly what we’re good at, but even more than that: it’s what drives us. The ability to […]

Your Beauty and Your Power | Louisiana Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir, My Story, Self Love

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