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My very first boudoir session was for a friend whose husband was deployed for their first wedding anniversary. It was a lot of fun, and he loved the images, but it wasn’t exactly a soul-finding experience. That came three years later.

Over the early years of my photography career, I photographed a few women for boudoir here and there. Anniversaries, spouses’ birthdays, and wedding gifts. I didn’t give it much thought until a friend of mine asked me to do a session for her as a “just because” gift to herself.

That morning she said she almost called twice to cancel, but she found the courage to show up for herself and get to the salon for her hair and makeup. She walked in visibly shaking and I couldn’t believe she had gotten herself in the door. I was incredibly proud of her. It took the full hour in hair and makeup for her to calm her nerves enough to come upstairs to the studio.

Her nerves were still fighting against her when we went through her outfits, but Carolyn, my hair and makeup artist, and I patiently waited while she got on her first outfit. She was stunning! And through my coaching and posing, we created the most beautiful portraits she had ever seen of herself. I showed her some of the images from the back of my camera and that was all it took. She was a brand new woman who was completely and utterly in love with herself.

She spent the next hour giggling, twirling, and dancing around my studio like a little girl and ended up loving so many images of herself! It was a nice change because she previously was so self-critical in every portrait she saw of herself. She just needed a little boost in confidence. She walked out of the studio that day a completely different woman. It was at that moment, that I realized I had found my calling.

As a teen, I wanted to become a nurse so that I could help people, but it turns out photography was my true calling. Women empowerment photography is what I’m meant to do and it’s an absolute joy to be a part of each woman’s journey to self-love.

If you’re on the fence about doing a boudoir session, just know that you are worth it. You deserve to have beautiful portraits of yourself to look back on and remember this time in your life. Contact me today to chat about your own Women empowerment photography session!


Stephanie Corrine

Stephanie Corrine is a Tampa Beauty Photographer that specializes in capturing amazing professional portraits of women who are ready to reclaim their beauty and reignite their inner spark through beauty and boudoir photography. For more info, contact Stephanie to learn more about creating an exciting and empowering experience and our process.

It was at that moment everything changed…

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