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Lakeland  boudoir photographer

Self-love and affirmation. The memes make it look so easy, and they crowd our daily feeds. We see them, we read them, but do they help us? Do they make us feel like “boss babes” who love the woman in the mirror and help us take on the world?

The truth is that learning to love yourself is a life long journey, and the longer your journey is, the harder self-love can be for some people. As we get older, we encounter heartaches, loss, or even trauma that dulls our shine. Sometimes life, and the media, steal our sell-confidence away from us and lock it up behind a wall of disappointment and self-doubt.

We read books, we put a ‘heart’ on every meme that tells us to adjust our crown: and then we clean the house, make dinner, pick up the kids, return a dozen emails and at the end of the day we might be distracted by our worries, our fears, or our to-do list, instead of seeing our beauty. So, it’s not like we aren’t trying, but who has time for self-love?

You do, and we’ve got the perfect short cut on this long roadmap to getting back your crown: a fantastic boudoir session.

Our fellow female business owners, moms, and friends are busy! They are the ones holding down all the forts and helping everyone get what they need. We tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list, it’s about time you stop, look in the mirror and hold it down: for you.

A boudoir session is more than a chance to let your sexy out, it’s a forever mirror that captures just how gorgeous you are, and is a testament to how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve healed your wounds of the past.

Booking your session, or even arriving at your session can be filled with nerves and a bit of trepidation. However, by the end of your session, you will sashay out of the studio in empowered style feeling as gorgeous as you look, the finished portraiture a bold representation of your healing.

How do I know this for sure?  Watch this video that the fabulous Tracy did with me, and you’ll see how she went through every single stage of self-doubt to loving what she saw. These are the kinds of transformations I see so often when I do boudoir sessions!

When you meet with our team, we provide professional hair and make-up and a comfortable environment for you to embrace your power and shed your insecurities. You’re in charge: this is about you! You feelin’ the flirty girl-next-door vibe with your mans’ favorite college t-shirt and some Daisy Dukes? Get it! Preparing for your wedding night and wanting to give your partner a gif that gets their motor running? Snag your veil and some cute lingerie and we can make that happen!

Want to go something for yourself that pushed your boundaries, and allows you to see yourself in a new light? Ready to realize that you are sexy and beautiful and gorgeous because of the journey you’ve had, the challenges you faced? As one of Louisiana’s premier boudoir photographers, we are ready for you! Check out Seven Sexy Boudoir Shoot Ideas!

A time to be sexy, a time to be beautiful, a time to heal

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