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Social media feeds and online blogs and articles are swimming in the uncertainty of this incredibly unusual time in our country. Many of us are feeling weighed down by sadness, worry, or even fear. One cannot make light of the serious tone of the news and the struggle many of our friends and family face right now. However, for many of us, the show must go on.

We have lunches to make, dinners to serve, piles of laundry, zoom calls with friends, zoom meetings for work, and an inbox we are afraid to face. As women, our work involves the physical and emotional labor of making sure the needs of those we love are met and we don’t even know how long these days of added stress will be over.

Something is healing and calming about focusing on something fun, something unique and something that’s just for you. Booking a boudoir session is the perfect bit of adventure and sexy light at the end of this tunnel. You, your confidence, your beauty, can be your own Northern Star through a time like this. We offer an awesome pre-payment plan with cool bonuses designed to spoil you even more.

On top of an afternoon of amazing pampering and empowerment, we add just a little more fun to the finished product. Imagine dashing out the door on the way to that big meeting or take your spot in the dreaded pick-up and being able to scroll to your session on your personal, mobile app which hosts an album of your favorite images. The perfect shot of cool, gorgeous confidence ready at your fingertips whenever you need it.

The whole idea of boudoir photography is helping someone carve out some crucial time for themselves, helping them peel back the layers of regular life, and daily stress and see themselves in a new and stunning light. Is there anyone who doesn’t need that right now?

 As part of our pro-booking plan, you can also choose the option of adding an extra outfit or additional hair and make-up options. This can allow you to be fun and flirty AND a sexy siren in one session without having to compromise!

Maybe you’ve been separated from your person during this time, and you’d like to focus on doing something special that you can share with them. A throwback from the awesome toys of your childhood, we can have your session placed into a Viewfinder turning your boudoir session into a little movie of sorts.

When you book and pre-pay for your session you can also choose from a set of custom Poker playing cards, imagine the hours of fun playing with that deck?!? Or, be sweet with a set of custom Notecards, a sassy, sexy love note for the special one in your life.

So take back the wheel, give yourself the gift of something fun to focus on, and book your boudoir session today!


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