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What kind of music do you listen to when you want to feel sexy?

I know we all have a go-to song that makes us feel like the hottest woman in the world. But what about during your boudoir session? Music can be used for so many things: mood setter, dancer, and even meditation. What type of music would you add to your boudoir session playlist?

If you’ve never had professional photos taken of yourself before, you may be nervous about how you’ll look in the pictures; and you want to make sure that your session is fun and relaxing. A great playlist can make all the difference when it comes to getting into character and feeling confident during your boudoir shoot! Make a list of songs that you think would fit well with your personality and style. Then send them over so we can create an amazing soundtrack together!

It’s time to share those secret songs that make us feel sexy, wanton, and seductive! What’s playing on repeat during a romantic date night at home with a partner? The right tunes heighten awareness not just physically but mentally too. Unlocking doors into other worlds where inhibitions fall away like cinematic curtains opening onto breathtaking scenery outside.

A great playlist sets the mood for your boudoir session. Choose songs that make you want to dance and move your body. Or slow jams that are perfect for cuddling up with someone special! Music evokes a level of emotion that is unique to your personality and can improve the vibe and success of your photo session. You deserve this! Schedule your custom session today so we can help make this experience amazing for you. I’m here to make your boudoir experience a fun and memorable one. Music is an essential part of it!

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