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If you’ve been here while you know I love building our client wardrobe. If you’re new here, well hello! I’m Stephanie and I’m addicted to anything that sparkles and glitters. I originally purchased the Navy Blue cape when we lived in El Paso, where we could travel to Cloudcroft in the winter for snow. Shortly thereafter we relocated and well, Louisiana snowstorms are few and far between! I was doubtful when the reports started to come in that snow was imminent, but as it neared closer and closer I knew this was my only chance to photograph this and try to create that vision I once had!

I knew it was going to be hard to find a model willing to come out and brave the drive in the mess of the roads so this was going to have to be a self session, with the help of my voice activated camera operator, my husband. Who isn’t too bad with the camera himself! He’s come with me to assist on multiple Engagement Sessions, Weddings and Family Portraits… and whenever I need updated headshots or have a crazy idea, he’s my go to! I set up the camera, the lighting and the posing and he shoots!


When I asked my husband to do photos of me in the snow… PS. I hate the cold.

♬ original sound – Stephanie Corrine Pe

Well after that performance there was no way I was backing down! So here it is! A few of our Louisiana Snowstorm images! Edited by me of course!

I am always up for flexing my creative brain muscles! is there a concept you have in mind that you want to see? Contact me and let’s chat about making your Dream Photoshoot come true!

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Louisiana Snowstorm of February 2021!

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