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Outdoor Boudoir

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Women often face a lot of challenges, both physically and emotionally. They may feel less confident about their bodies, struggle with self-esteem, and feel like they’ve lost a part of themselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One way women in Central Florida are reclaiming their confidence is by booking boudoir sessions. These […]

Florida Boudoir Photographer: Why Women in Central Florida Are Booking Boudoir Sessions to Boost Confidence

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Confidence and self-love should be an everyday routine. However, life can be demanding and challenging, and we sometimes forget to focus on our own needs and desires. One way to embrace and celebrate our femininity is through a sexy photoshoot. A photoshoot has the power to make us feel beautiful, confident, and powerful. It is […]

Sexy Photoshoot Ideas: Capturing a Woman’s Beauty Without Baring It All

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Women empowerment through Boudoir Photography in Lakeland, Florida serving Polk County, Winter Haven, Kathleen, Mulberry, Auburndale and Polk City and beyond. Corrine Boudoir
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Hey there, fabulous souls! I’m Stephanie Corrine Perry, and I’m here to take you on a journey behind the scenes of my world as a boudoir photographer for the past 10 years. You may have heard of me as the newest boudoir photographer in Lakeland and Central Florida, but what you might not know is […]

Capturing Empowerment Through Vulnerability: My Transformative Journey as a Boudoir Photographer

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Tell me the meaning behind these Boudoir photographs? Tell me the most important thing? There is a lot of misinformation in Boudoir Photography. Boudoir suits everyone! No one defines us. You won’t lose your sexy at any time, regardless of age.  You don’t have to be a model or in shape. You don’t even have […]

Tampa Boudoir for the everyday woman!

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Boudoir photography has been a passion of mine ever since I started my professional career. I love working with strong, confident women and building relationships with these individuals through the camera lens. In fact, it is this very passion that drove me to pursue boudoir photography as a career path in the first place. Pair […]

Have Camera Will Travel: Destination Boudoir Sessions

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love yourself through boudoir photography in louisiana
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Boudoir is an art form that combines the sensuality of nudity with a sense of elegance and style. A boudoir session is used as a creative outlet, to empower oneself through self-expression, for personal enjoyment, or for a spouse. It provides imagery that may have different meanings depending on how they’re presented. Some will show […]

What is Boudoir?

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love yourself through boudoir photography in louisiana
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Let us not beat around the bush. Through boudoir photography in Central Florida, I help women, just like you, with rediscovering their inner spark and finding their confidence!  Today, I wanted to share with you the top 3 reasons why you should book your boudoir session, and more importantly today I will be helping you […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule A Boudoir Session Today | Boudoir Photography in Central Florida

Outdoor Boudoir

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If you’ve been here while you know I love building our client wardrobe. If you’re new here, well hello! I’m Stephanie and I’m addicted to anything that sparkles and glitters. I originally purchased the Navy Blue cape when we lived in El Paso, where we could travel to Cloudcroft in the winter for snow. Shortly […]

Louisiana Snowstorm of February 2021!

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