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Hello, water lovers of Central Florida! If you adore the ocean and have always dreamt of capturing your ethereal beauty beneath the waves, an underwater photoshoot is just what you need. Whether you’re an aspiring underwater model or an adventure enthusiast, this guide will help you prepare for a unique and mesmerizing experience.

Why Underwater Photoshoots are Special

Underwater photoshoots are not just about capturing stunning visuals; they’re about experiencing the tranquility and magic of being submerged in water. The feeling of floating weightlessly and letting go of all worries is truly unparalleled. However, it’s important to remember that underwater shoots come with their own set of challenges and preparations.

Choosing the Right Equipment and Gear


Unlike typical boudoir or glamour photoshoots, wardrobe selection for underwater photoshoots requires special consideration:

  • Avoid Heavy Fabrics: Materials like satin and velvet will absorb water and become extremely heavy, making it difficult for you to move and surface.
  • Opt for Flowy Fabrics: Lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and flowy knits move beautifully underwater and won’t weigh you down. These materials will give you that dreamy, ethereal look in your photos.

Nose Plugs

If you’re uncomfortable with water entering your nose, don’t worry. Nose plugs are available upon request. While professional mermaids train themselves to flood their sinuses, this takes practice and isn’t necessary for a successful shoot.

Tips for a Successful Underwater Photoshoot

Posing and Facial Expressions

Posing underwater is more challenging than on land. You’ll need to hold your breath, maintain your pose, and ensure your facial expressions appear relaxed—all at the same time. Even experienced models find underwater shoots to be some of the toughest they’ve done. But don’t worry, with a bit of practice and guidance, you’ll master it!

Safety First

Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority. If at any point you, the photographer, or our safety swimmer feel conditions are not optimal, we will halt the shoot immediately. This could be due to changing weather, fatigue, or other unforeseen circumstances. Arriving sober and well-rested is crucial to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Comfort and Breathing Techniques

Finding peace in the water is essential. Before we begin the shoot, we’ll practice breathing techniques to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s important to feel at ease in the water, so we can capture your best moments.

Shoot Duration

Underwater photoshoots generally last longer than typical portrait sessions. This allows us to take necessary breaks to rest, warm up, and regroup. Remember, patience is key to achieving those perfect underwater shots.

Community and Support

Joining the underwater photoshoot community means being part of a supportive and empowering group. We encourage you to share your experiences, tips, and photos with fellow water enthusiasts. Together, we can inspire and uplift each other.


An underwater photoshoot is a magical and empowering experience. With the right preparation, equipment, and mindset, you’ll create stunning images that capture your unique beauty and spirit. Ready to take the plunge? Book a session with us today and become part of our incredible underwater community.

Dive in and discover the enchantment that awaits beneath the waves!

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