Corrine Boudoir

Lakeland  boudoir photographer

Boudoir is an art form that combines the sensuality of nudity with a sense of elegance and style.

A boudoir session is used as a creative outlet, to empower oneself through self-expression, for personal enjoyment, or for a spouse. It provides imagery that may have different meanings depending on how they’re presented. Some will show off one’s personality while others might focus more specifically on features like body shape and size; still, others project sultry moods such as seduction and romance by using specific poses designed to evoke certain feelings.

What do I wear?

Clients typically wear sexy outfits – lingerie, stockings, undergarments, dresses, etc. It doesn’t always have to be like that though! Personally, when I think of a boudoir shoot, I think of it as more of a confidence booster. While some women believe wearing sexy clothing helps them build confidence, that’s not always the case. Many women choose to wear items of clothing that they wear every day. Such as a tank or tee, a fitted button-down shirt, a robe, a jersey, and more. This will remind them of that photoshoot every time they wear it. We welcome your creative input and remember, you are part of your styling team too!

Some women choose to have a boudoir shoot with their significant other in mind. Women have found so much power in this process! Making it a gift from one person (you) and of yourself. Your partner will appreciate the images for sure, but these photographs are really intended as an expression or tribute that celebrates you!

Boudoir shoots are a confidence booster for many women. You will have an opportunity to be as comfortable, creative, or sexy with your outfit as you want while being photographed by someone who is solely there to capture the beauty of you – no matter what you’re wearing!

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