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Everybody has a story. Our stories are full of love and challenges and adventures, all conveniently sorted into chapters. Childhood to adolescence is filled with growth and milestones, birthday piñatas and piano recitals met with applause and demands for an encore. Our twenties are rife with graduations, first jobs, promotions, marriages, leading into the birth of children, and life continues to write each page of each chapter, only each one seems to come a bit faster as we get older.

Let’s face it, with all our degrees, and books, and preparation, sometimes the chapters turn into new beginnings, which don’t usually get easier with age.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet this amazing woman. She had just finished writing her chapter entitled, “That Time I Got Divorced,” and to be honest, the pain of the pages showed in the slope of her shoulders and she had a bit of the ‘deer in headlights’ look. We ALL know that look;  the one that says we’re tired from hours of laundry and a dozen years wasted in waiting in the school pick-up line, or because our marriage ended and our self-esteem has taken a hit. However, she also had the look of a woman who was darn well ready to pick up the pen and write a whole new chapter.

Our Dream Team Hair & Makeup Stylists pampered her with expert hair and make-up, and suddenly she sat up a little taller and breathed a little easier. By the time she changed into her first look, and her nervousness has washed away. We posed in the sun, her soft tendrils cascading down while she laughed, almost wickedly, totally ROCKING her Luxury Boudoir Session. She was bold, she was brave, and she was beautiful. I saw it, but more importantly, she felt it.

When we had finished her session, she felt good and knew it. She had survived whatever storm life had brought her way, and stood witness to her own beauty, feeling empowered and full of love for herself. She walked out of the studio with a STRUT and the look of a woman who knew she had just started to write her next chapter, and this one, well, this one already had a pretty kick-ass beginning.

As women, we do a lot of things for other people, but we often forget to take time for ourselves, especially after significant life changes have developed. Woman’s Portraitures, Glamour, and Boudoir are more than just a quick selfie or a nice picture. It’s a moment in time where the only axis the world is spinning on is you. We create a comfortable and safe space you get to show life who’s the real boss around here.

Boudoir photography is the art of capturing the story of your beauty and revealing it to you. It can be a genuinely transformational process and experience, and if I’m honest, every session makes me feel empowered because strong women lifting up strong women is exactly the kind of world I want to be part of and precisely the sort of business I’m in.

Are you ready? Contact me and let’s plan your story.

Be The Writer of Your Own Bold and Beautiful Story| Louisiana Boudoir Photographer

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